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Why use a Virtual Recruitment Partner™?

Our services and technical solutions are bundled into 2 core delivery streams:

Solution 1:

Immediate access and support to self-managed recruitment management software and application tracking system, perfectly designed for the SME markets.

Solution 2:

A virtually augmented managed service, utilising professional recruiters powered by a bespoke blend of advanced, automated technology features through our partners and proprietary software.


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Do you need a Virtual Recruitment Partner?

Solution 1:

Would you benefit from access to state of the art recruitment technology you did not think you could budget for?

Do you need to innovate technically but concerned over cost and implementation disruption?

Our technology provides:

  • Extensive ROI compared to external recruiting costs, decreased time to hire and increased internal efficiency gains
  • Unparalleled configurability, perfectly matched to your needs, designed in partnership with recruiters, for recruiters
  • Secure, GDPR compliant and anti-discrimination compliant

Do you want to optimise process and by working smarter not harder? 

Are you concerned poor candidate experience will impact employer reputation?

Do you want to hire better quality through maximising outreach, diversity, inclusion, and belonging or improve starter attrition or gain competitive market insight and intelligence against your opportunity?

Do you need intelligent reporting or data analytics to influence company direction or growth ? 

Solution 2:

Do you need to recruit to grow but retain manager focus within their field of expertise, or simply don't have the time or expertise to recruit resulting in recruitment agency cost increase?

Does your HR or Talent Acquisition function have a capacity limits at peak times of hiring, or prefer to rent an virtual recruitment team rather than employ your own recruiters?

Do you need short term recruitment resource to help with a recruitment project or volume of resourcing engagement activity?

Does it appeal to work in partnership as an extension of your own team where information and results are shared openly?

Would you like support promoting your opportunity that resonates to attract, rank and assess the right talent?

Do you need to challenge traditional interview techniques to unlock and assess candidates soft skills, weaknesses and avoid interviewer bias?

If any of the above resonates with you and would like to learn more about our technology or partners please take a look below: 

Self-Managed Technology Service or Augmented Managed Services 

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